Trigger Point…what!

A trigger point is an area of local nerve facilitation of a muscle that is aggravated by stress of any sort affecting the body or mind of the individual

Trigger points are small area’s of hyperirriatability within muscles, if located near motor nerve points, refer pain caused by the nerve stimulation.

A trigger point is often located in a tight band of muscles fibres. Any of the more than 400 muscles in the body can develop trigger points.

A massage therapist usually finds trigger points during palpation or general massage using light and deep palpation

Trigger point therapy is not done for an extended period of time. The nature of a syndrome and irritation involved, 15 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to spend on trigger points. Some situations 30 minutes of therapy can be tolerated. Trigger point therapy is incorporated into more general approach.

After a trigger point has been identified the massage therapist uses a pressure technique, muscle energy or a direct manipulation and stretch method to eliminate the point.

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