Why Paul got back to the gym quicker

Sports Massage

Paul booked an appointment with me to treat the injured area after having a medical assessment and clearance, we set up a treatment plan to include the whole body during treatment to help with mental attitude and the physical compensation pattern that the whole body was doing.

Immediately after injury massage can help with general stress reduction and promote healing in the body. Any immobilisation of injury will set up compensation patterns (the body holds itself different to counterbalance)

Massage can manage the compensation patterns while the physio is able to then focus on the injured area.

Paul recovered quicker and returned to the Gym sooner.

Why? He followed a 24 hour RICE action steps then followed up with medical advice, physio and massage.

Rehab massage after injury allows the muscles to enlarge and grow new cells that are responsible for converting nutrients into useful energy and help with the recovery process and reduces stress on the body.

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