Repair and Restore muscles with Remedial massage

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What is Remedial massage?

Remedial mBack Massageassage is based on an array of manipulation techniques used to assess and help maintain and repair soft tissue dysfunctions.

Different forms of remedial massage may include but are not limited to massage therapy, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, deep tissues and stretching also known as PNF stretching.

Remedial massage is most often performed with a particular and purposeful outcome in mind, and its first and foremost objectives are to relieve pain.

Increase the range of movement and to help repair and restore muscles, tendons and ligaments back to a balanced and fully functioning state.

What happens in an appointment?

The initial appointment involves assessment of the client’s needs, from this a health maintenance goal will be implemented

By using various levels of palpations or touching of the ailing body part, the therapist will pinpoint the exact location as well as determine the levels of pain.

What techniques are used?

Every condition of soft tissue can benefit from the benefits of remedial massage.

Trigger point therapy is related to specific points with muscles and their connective tissues. Researchers have been able to identify that trigger point therapy can help reduce the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dysfunctions, PMS, Headaches, tennis elbow and sinusitis.

I don’t have any injuries?


Even the simplest and tiniest of movements of the body requires armies of nerve impulses to be sent to the muscle which is directly involved, as well as to the adjoining and opposing muscles.

When the mechanics of any part of these functions break down, muscles fibers or entire muscles lock.

How do I know if this is what I need?

When suffering from any of the following –

                Muscle and joint pains and tightness

                Muscle fatigue or tension

                Shooting or spreading pain

                Allergies or asthma

                Anxiety or depression

                Irregularity of the digestive system

                Arthritis or circulatory problems

                Sleep disorders


                Immune function disorders


These problems show symptoms of overused muscles becoming hypertonic or lose their ability to relax, consequently they tighten and cause stress on opposing muscles and on the joints they cross.

When nerves are pinched anywhere along their path, pain will be delivered to the area they serve.

When joints of the spine are impaired or compressed, pain will occur in that specific area.

These symptoms can be relieved through remedial massage!

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