New Years Evolution!

Even though a fresh start is great, and people are happy to go gung-ho into a new fad. Burn out quickly happens, being bombarded with invites to try new detoxes, cleanse the system overhaul your meditation practice or improve your relationship with GOD.

Join me on our 21 day challenge, each day we take you one little step closer to reaching your health and vitality goals.

Why 21 days?

It takes 21 days for our brains cells to renew themselves with the new concepts and then programme them into our subconscious mind to form a new habit…be prepared to trash some old outdated habits!!

Here is to a very prosperous 2014 (Clink,Clink)


About Karen

Passionate about the wellness industry and educating people on the benefits of simple living through health and wellness. 11 years in the wellness industry. With knowledge as a Wellness Coach and Remedial Therapist

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