Massage Spa Party in Victor Harbor

Enjoy the benefits of Massage to you and your friends

Enjoy the benefits of Massage to you and your friends with a Massage Spa Party

Six families came to Victor Harbor and stayed at the Albatross apartments for a long weekend. All the families had young children or were expecting. The ladies decided they would organised for themselves a pampering while the hubby’s looked after the kids.

They had booked 2 apartments for their stay in Victor, they also booked a Massage Spa Party. They put the hubby’s and kids in one apartment while the girls enjoyed the massage, nibbles and wine (for those that were not pregnant) in the other apartment away from the kids.

Louise and Myself set up the room with the window allowing a soft gentle breeze into the room, a few tea light candles flickering and the aromas of the essential oils lingering in the room. Softly the music played relaxing melodies in the back ground.

Each client had their massage tailored to them, even the expecting mum were able to be catered for with a pregnancy massage by Louise.  After each massage the clients looked relaxed and slowly drifted back to the balcony to giggle, relax and unwind.

We packed up the room quickly after we had finished the treatments and left the ladies to enjoy the rest of the day to continue relaxing and catching up.

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