Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapy

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is gentle type of massage intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymphatic system.  The Lymphatic system carries cellular waste, toxins and other unwanted products away from the tissues to be eliminated from the body. The Lymphatic system is important for fighting infection, it carries a fluid called lymph.

The natural flow and drainage of the lymph system is dependent on natural body movement for it to move and work optimally.  These intrinsic contractions of the smooth muscle cells in the walls of the lymph vessels plus the movement of the bodies skeletal muscles help move lymph through the lymph vessels to the important lymph nodes (the filtering organ), before returning to the cardiovascular system.

Manual Lymph Drainage helps more lymph aiding in natural drainage of the system.  Very light hand pressure is used, less than 9 ounces per square inch, together with rhythmic circular movements to help stimulate lymph flow and allow toxins and waste to be removed from the body.