Infrared therapy Pt2

This type of treatment is a great detoxification on the system, the wavelengths work with the body to activate it to sweat from the inside out, instead of the body reacting to outside heat by sweating.
In traditional sauna’s you release approximently 3% of toxins in your sweat and burn no calories, with our infrared therapy you release up to 20% toxins and burn 500 calories.

Infrared consistently delivers the most effective treatment for best health results covering weight loss, pain relief, improved circulation, blood pressure reduction, relaxation, wound healing and skin purification.
For best results 2 sessions per week for 10 weeks for weight loss and 1 session per week for relaxation and blood pressure reduction.

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Passionate about the wellness industry and educating people on the benefits of simple living through health and wellness. 11 years in the wellness industry. With knowledge as a Wellness Coach and Remedial Therapist

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