Helping your emotional health with Essential Oils

Evidence is accumulating that our emotional health can have a profound effect on our physical health. A number of diseases are caused by emotional problems that link back to infancy/ childhood – perhaps even to our time in the womb.

The emotional problems can create a molecular memory that stores in muscles and key organs. The molecular memories show as Fear. This fear affects our lives, as we become adults we develop patterns based around the fears we have accepted as truth into our lives.

Fear is needed in our lives but should not control us…. Fear can cripple our bodies. Fear turns into pain indicators, pain is our body’s way of bringing us to awareness of the emotion. Ignoring this pain or pushing through makes us constantly bear our past traumatic emotions affect our transcript enzyme in our cells. This will make the cells spin in a negative pattern, reflecting in your future self with a negative outlook on every situation and event.

Essential oils support and may help us release emotional and physical trauma. They benefit the body by inhalation and absorption via the skin (massage and other modalities)

Essential oils have many benefits they may help us with compromised values of identity, change our Karmic Blueprint and may boost a compromised immune system.

Massage combined with Essential oils allows the client on a physical and energy level release. Intention, physical manipulation (massage, chiropractic, etc.) and essential oils will assist the client to release the negative emotion stored in the cellular memory and may also reverse the transcript enzymes to resonate at a positive frequency. This may affect the persons outlook on future situation and events in a positive/ neutral way and allows them to making better choice for their highest good and karmic blueprint

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