Healthy Kidney awareness Day 26th January

Heres our top tips for a healthy kidney…also happy Australia Day 26th January

1. Do not drink carbonated drinks in excess. Yes, they are refreshing on a hot day  (water works too), but carbonated drinks (especially the dark ones) on a daily  basis can erode your kidneys, laying the ground work for kidney disease

2. Do not ignore a urinary tract infection (UTI). Urinary tract infections are an  infection that can cause inflammation of the urinary tract. Leaving these  infections untreated can cause major problems in your urinary tract that include  infections of your bladder and kidneys

3. Do not abuse drugs. Sometimes you may have to take over the counter or  prescription drugs for pain, the common cold or other ailment. Taking these  drugs as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist will keep you fine. However,  if you abuse these drugs you can suffer damaging health effects including liver,  brain and even kidney damage


Happy Healthy Kidney awareness Day

Happy Australia Day


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