Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment Cancellations

24 hours notification must be given or a late cancellation fee of 50% may be invoiced to you.

Package treatments require a 50% deposit to secure your appointment.

Are you work cover or motor accident accredited?

Yes, I am able to either directly invoice your case manager or you are able to pay for services and receive a receipt to directly make the claim yourself

Can I claim my massage through my health benefits?

Yes, Health Fund Rebates are available for most health fund providers.


Do I need a referral to claim motor accident or work cover?

Generally you don’t need a referral, but it is always best to check with your case manager and GP before we start the process.


Do you have Gift Vouchers?

Gift Vouchers or otherwise known as Gift Certificates are available for purchase either directly from Karen either in person or credit card payment can be accepted over the phone.   Karen will organise to post the Certificate out to you or you may choose to collect it at a mutually acceptable time and location.

Gift Certificates cannot be used for special promotions they are strictly for the service written on the certificate, they are non transferable and expire after 6 months.

How deep and painful is your massage?

When we massage we work to your pain tolerance level always asking for your feedback on how the pressure feels to you.  If I’m applying too much pressure for your comfort level I will lighten off if you can handle more pressure I will apply more. This means you will never get one of those massages where you spend the whole time tense and in great pain.

Our technique allows your body to recover quicker, provide greater flexibility all without feeling unnecessarily pained for days afterwards.

How long is the treatment time?

A 60 minute appointment is from the time Karen has set up her table to begin your treatment. First treatments will include an assessment within the allotted time .

Massage Etiquette

All therapists follow a strict Code of Conduct.  If you require any further information please call ATMS on 02 88781500.  Our complete Code of Conduct is available upon request.

Professional Service Guarantee

All treatments are performed by a qualified practitioner.  This means your massage will be conducted to our high standard of professionalism and care each time you visit.  That’s our Guarantee to you.

Please if ever you have any concerns bring it to our attention immediately.

What hygiene practice do you use?

Our massage equipment is clean and hygienic.  A complete set of clean towels are used for each client and the massage table is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client.

All cleaning products used are safe and environmentally friendly.

What is your last appointment time available in the day?

We understand that you may not always have the luxury of taking time off for self care during 9-5, so we offer late appointments.  Please contact Karen to discuss you individual needs.

What kind of massage oil do you use?

Melrose H2Oil Massage oil and Lotion, it allows the skin to breathe, has no record of dermatological problems, clients find it rinses off easily in the shower.  Cotton sheets, towels and shirts come clean after a normal wash without harsh detergents.  Free from nut oils.

Muscle Rub is used to get in to the deeper layers during massage, it is safe for use on the body and has no potentially harmful ingredients.

What price do you charge?

Pricing on our website is subject to change without notice, always check when booking your appointment.

But to get an idea of pricing visit our pricing page.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing which is easy to remove.  For your treatment, you will be required to remove your clothing (underpants remain on) in which you will then be draped with towels and blankets for warmth and comfort.  For your comfort, we practice discreet draping techniques where only the body area being massaged is un-draped.

Please note that your body will have oil residues after your massage so be sure as to not wear your best clothing.

What time will you arrive for a mobile massage?

Karen will arrive at your appointment within 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment time.  There may be some paperwork to complete prior to your treatment which you can fill in while Karen sets up her massage table.



If your question is not answered above please don’t hesitate to contact Karen on 0418 879 016