Benny game day performance improves

Research has shown massage improves blood flow, increases muscle temperature and reduce heart rate and blood pressure It allows the athlete to be in a state of readiness aiding in a quick return to competition. Gives a reduction in performance anxiety and improves mood. Muscles maybe warmed with stretching but to get the most out […]

Love to train at your best?

Benny loves his footy, playing for a local club since he was a junior and has a great team spirit, out at every training and every club event. Benny was having massages before and post games to give him flexibility and strength. Before a game he noticed it gave him an edge by keeping him […]

Why Paul got back to the gym quicker

Paul booked an appointment with me to treat the injured area after having a medical assessment and clearance, we set up a treatment plan to include the whole body during treatment to help with mental attitude and the physical compensation pattern that the whole body was doing. Immediately after injury massage can help with general […]

Personal best for John!

John has been having weekly massages for 3 months, John is feeling more energetic, his strength and flexibility in his muscles are improving and overall feeling 100%. No longer is John having to fall short on his training goals and is taking less time to recover from each competition. Recently John commented on breaking his […]

Research on Sports massage

The ideal time to schedule a  massage is 24 to 36 hours after a hard work out, if you have a race coming up, try to schedule a massage at least four days prior to the event. Sports massage releases biological waste, which is a good thing, but it can leave the body feeling heavy. Not […]

Treatment with the massage therapist

During the first appointment that John had with me I explained how exercise induces muscle activity, as John was using his muscles a high demand was placed on the rest of the body. John told me that his overall health goals was to improve his strength, tone and flexibility, keeping this in mind we developed […]

Training is not meant to be hard

Training is not meant to be hard

John was a triathlon athlete, he loved competition and training, took pride in his achievements. John had not competed in triathlon for a few years and after returning he was finding it hard to recover after competition During training’s John was sore and aching and not completing a full training session without needing to stop and ice […]

Recovery/ Sports Massage

From Preseason to Grand final you want to keep at your peak performance. Always look after aching bodies and any injuries with R.I.C.E Rest Ice Compression and Elevation. Always consult your doctor for any injuries after the game. Any type of exercise uses your muscles any exercise uses different muscle groups to generate motion. Exercise […]