Couples massage at Victor Harbor B&B

Kerry and Paul are busy people, always on the go. Pressure from work….finances… family… Stress The problem with our 21st century lifestyle is that they can cause many illnesses and problems on our nervous system, glands, organs and muscles. We produce by –products (toxins) in our body which can slow organs function down, make muscles […]

You deserve to be pampered!

Life gets hectic, so give yourself or that someone special a more deserved reward! Submerge your body, mind and spirit in our Indulgence Package this autumn; leave with your body ready for the winter weather with a revitalizing massage and facial Book an Indulgence package Today on 0418 879 016  Receive a $20 Voucher to […]

Repair and Restore muscles with Remedial massage

Repair and Restore muscles with Remedial massage

What is Remedial massage? Remedial massage is based on an array of manipulation techniques used to assess and help maintain and repair soft tissue dysfunctions. Different forms of remedial massage may include but are not limited to massage therapy, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, deep tissues and stretching also known as PNF stretching. Remedial […]

Trigger Point…what!

A trigger point is an area of local nerve facilitation of a muscle that is aggravated by stress of any sort affecting the body or mind of the individual Trigger points are small area’s of hyperirriatability within muscles, if located near motor nerve points, refer pain caused by the nerve stimulation. A trigger point is often […]

Research on the Benefits of Massage

Massage has the following benefits Facilitate growth Increases attentiveness and learning Improve immune function Reduces Stress Reduces pain and increases range of motion in individuals with lower back pain Improves grip strength, functional activities Improves positive mood and self-esteem and body image in multiple sclerosis Assists in overcoming addictions such as cigarette smoking Supports effective […]

A ‘pain’ in the Back

Suffering back and neck pain? Swedish, Trigger point, Therapeutic, Shaiatsu, what massage type do you choose? Many sufferers of back and neck pain find that firm long strokes and kneading motions work best for their treatment, for specific pain points, such as lower back a good neuromuscular therapy treatment like Trigger point therapy. There are numerous […]

After your Massage

You need to take care of yourself after your massage and it all starts from the finish of the hour, when getting off the therapist’ table you need to look after your back. Turn you head to the side of the table you wish to get off the table from, roll onto your side… allow […]

Improve Your Body Image With Massage

The majority of people hold a lot of self loathing of themselves, why? We are constantly bombarded of what is to look perfect by external sources, media, magazines, movies, friends, family members and well let’s face it even Barbie – she is a little out of proportion. Body Image is in the Mind Our body […]