Signature Maintenance Membership

Regular Massage has so many benefits and with our signature massage membership you can receive a one hour massage tailored to your needs monthly 1/2 hour foot reflex massage monthly 10% off products instore monthly for $85.00 per month Click the subscription buttons below to set up your 6 month or 12 month membership 6 […]

Helping your emotional health with Essential Oils

Evidence is accumulating that our emotional health can have a profound effect on our physical health. A number of diseases are caused by emotional problems that link back to infancy/ childhood – perhaps even to our time in the womb. The emotional problems can create a molecular memory that stores in muscles and key organs. […]

Infrared therapy Pt2

Infrared therapy Pt2

This type of treatment is a great detoxification on the system, the wavelengths work with the body to activate it to sweat from the inside out, instead of the body reacting to outside heat by sweating. In traditional sauna’s you release approximently 3% of toxins in your sweat and burn no calories, with our infrared […]

Baby Massage

Children are known to thrive with the right amount of physical contact. Children who grow up with healthy views of touch are known to grow into adults with good self-esteem. Massage conveys a sense of security and trust in the fast paced world. Baby massage may help to: Strengthen your babies attachment/bond to you, help […]

Healthy Kidney awareness Day 26th January

Heres our top tips for a healthy kidney…also happy Australia Day 26th January 1. Do not drink carbonated drinks in excess. Yes, they are refreshing on a hot day  (water works too), but carbonated drinks (especially the dark ones) on a daily  basis can erode your kidneys, laying the ground work for kidney disease 2. […]

New Years Evolution!

Even though a fresh start is great, and people are happy to go gung-ho into a new fad. Burn out quickly happens, being bombarded with invites to try new detoxes, cleanse the system overhaul your meditation practice or improve your relationship with GOD. Join me on our 21 day challenge, each day we take you […]

Massage Spa Party in Victor Harbor

Six families came to Victor Harbor and stayed at the Albatross apartments for a long weekend. All the families had young children or were expecting. The ladies decided they would organised for themselves a pampering while the hubby’s looked after the kids. They had booked 2 apartments for their stay in Victor, they also booked […]

Couples massage at B&B in Victor

  Kerry and Paul decided to book a weekend time out at a Bed and Breakfast to relax, recuperate and re-energise them While away Kerry also booked a massage for both her and Paul with Karen Robertson who is an expert in relieving tension and promoting relaxation with a de-stress massage This gave the body […]