Baby Massage

Children are known to thrive with the right amount of physical contact. Children who grow up with healthy views of touch are known to grow into adults with good self-esteem. Massage conveys a sense of security and trust in the fast paced world.

Baby massage may help to:
Strengthen your babies attachment/bond to you, help your baby to stay relaxed and cry less, sleep better, stimulate your babies brain development, help you feel more empowered as a parent.

This Four week program combines therapeutic benefits of baby massage with essential First Aid skills. Suitable for new or experienced parents who would like to spend quality time with baby.

We come to YOU! Group Booking of six or more

Next workshop date starts¬†6th May 2014 one day per week last session on Saturday 31st May 2014 for Dad’s or grandparents to attend.

First Aid component is one adult family member to attend for extra family member to learn this skill a small fee will apply per person.

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