A ‘pain’ in the Back

Suffering back and neck pain? Swedish, Trigger point, Therapeutic, Shaiatsu, what massage type do you choose?

Many sufferers of back and neck pain find that firm long strokes and kneading motions work best for their treatment, for specific pain points, such as lower back a good neuromuscular therapy treatment like Trigger point therapy.

There are numerous back and neck problems that may benefit from massage therapy

  • Muscle strain in the lower back or upper back/neck, caused by lifting heavy objects, a sudden movement causing pain to be severe and last for several hours.  Lower back pain may be due to repetitive motions (de-conditioning) Upper back pain can be muscle strain, sports injury or auto accident. Massage will help improve range of movement.
  • Osteoarthritis of the spine, this occurs with the breakdown of cartilage joints in the back portion of the spine. Reduce pain by improving circulation and reducing stress.
  • Fibromyalgia, can affect people differently causing fatigue and non restorative sleep. Increased sensitivity to tender points and pain. Massage can target the more broadly distributed pain and stiffness.

Muscle Spasm, Muscle ache, Stiffness, Headaches, Loss of range of movement, Dizziness, Whiplash, Muscle strain are all related to back and neck pain.

Therapist have health fund rebates, workcover accredited and motor accident insurance recognised.

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